RFID for Trade Show Exhibits

Check out the RFID live demo below We have produced a number of projects to-date based around RFID technology. A recent project was for the 2019 ExhibitorLive show in Las Vegas. The video is a quick walk-through demo of the setup we had in the exhibit. There were 2 of...

3D Animation Project Highlight

Western Tire Recyclers 3D Animation The video above is a 3D animation created to highlight a large tire shredding machine used to recycle old very large tires. There was previously very little in the way of photography or video showing the machine due to the nature of...

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth?

I have jokingly justified video’s worth a few times, saying “if a picture is worth a thousand words then video must be worth 24,000 words a second.” Even though this is said just to get a rise out of my marketing and photography friends, it got me thinking about the real worth of video.
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