Interactive Content overlays for static images, 360° images, videos, 360° videos and location/event/product tours

Until recently, the task of overlaying interactive content on top of videos and/or images has been relegated to costly custom coding and development solutions. Now we can quickly and easily add touchable points throughout a video, image, 360 video or 360 image that can launch extra content like text, images, videos or links to other content on top of the underlying video or image.

One great thing about this solution is that it is easily integrated into websites. So not only will it work great in physical environments but can be leveraged more long term on corporate web sites.

This is a simple and effective solution to incorporate interactive content into a touchscreen TV for trade show exhibits, events or office spaces. Give your audience extra information and let them decide what they want to learn more about. As the image or video plays, icons will appear over designated areas for set amount of time. During the time that the icon is visible you can touch or click the icon to expand the additional content in a popup window (overlay). Popup content can be single images, image galleries, text, videos or links to other content and experiences.


Video/Animation Overlays

Click the yellow Magnifier icons as they appear to see the popup/overlay content.

Click the bulleye icons as they appear to see the popup/overlay content.

Image/Product Overlays

Event/Location Tours

Event/Location Tours

Interactive Infographics

360˚ Images/Video