Looping Video

Photo/Video with 2D & 3D Graphics




Attendees will be attracted to the bright action and movement of a video looping on a large LED tile wall, featuring Lancer’s new Soochee Bubbler.
2 size options are available for the LED wall:
  1. 5×6 (8ft 2in wide x 9ft 10in tall)
  2. 4×5 (6ft 6in wide x 8ft 2in tall)
As attendees stop to watch the video, they will be treated with a free beverage of choice dispensed directly from the machine itself so they can see the Soochee live and in action.
Please see below for video content direction.
Ball Park Cost (retail): $5,000 to $7,000
*Pending extent of custom 2D Motion Graphics.
*Video duration, up to 1 minute.

– 1 day green screen video production.
– Client to provide/ship product to and from studio.
– Client to designate the beverage to be dispensed.
– Client Review & Approval process required for background and motion graphics implementation.
– Any messaging / text to be included is provided by the client.
– Hardware responsibility of the client.
– Onsite services not included.

Standard: 3 weeks


The video begins with a series of short slow motion vignettes highlighting details and features of the new Soochee bubbler while zooming around to multiple areas of the product all in high definition 4K resolution. This video will initially be formatted for the vertical/portrait nature of this LED wall but can be reformatted for future use on YouTube and/or the Lancer web site.

The Soochee video will begin with a fade-in to an extreme closeup slow motion pan across the side of the Soochee beverage tank showing brightly colored beverage bubbling inside. The closeup shot can show the fine detail of condensation forming along the outside. Features and/or benefits text/call-outs can appear over each vignette detail.

Following the series of short slow motion vignettes will be a complete zoom-out to reveal the entire bubbler with full 360 fly-around. This sequence can stay on-screen for a few moments and include branding and/or product overview messaging. The bubbler will “float” with small micro-motion on a subtle bubbling animation/video background behind it.

A quick zoom-in of the camera will show the nozzle starting to dispense the beverage. The camera will then slowly zoom back out while tilting upward. This will slightly reveal a hand held cup with liquid pouring into it.

The camera will then zoom into the cup to see the beverage pouring into the cup. The finishing sequence will see the screen filling up with the beverage. The loop will start over again, fading-in from the previous scene to the closeup vignette of the Soochee tank full of tasty beverage and cold condensation.

The entire video is estimated to be approximately 1 minute in length.