Windscape®: It's So....

Video Campaign

It’s So Easy Campaign

Part of a marketing campaign for the new Windscape™ product line from Skyline® exhibits. For a revolutionary product we didn’t want to launch it; business as usual, so we started to really look at what set Windscape® apart from other products.  What we came up with was the ease of set-up, the complete magic of it, how compact it was, how you can be doing something else while it sets it’s self up, how small it packs up and how strong it was.  With the benefits in place we created the following campaign.

Skyline® has come out with a revolutionary new product. Skyline® Windscape™ is “So Easy” to set up its child’s play, but don’t take our word for it. Take a look at the video and see how it can make you feel like a superhero at your next trade show.
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It's So Easy: Princess

It’s So Easy: Magic

Its So Tough: Truck

Its So Tough: Truck

It's So Easy:Done

It’s So Easy: Done

It's So Easy: Boss

It’s So Easy: Boss

Its So Compact: Bike

Its So Compact: Bike