EXHIBITOR LIVE 2020 • 20X20 • Theme Concepts

The Greatest ShowMan(ager)

A theme loosely based on the movie “The Greatest Showman”. Messaging could highlight all the ways Skyline turns ordinary people into the Greatest Showman(agers). The different aspects of the “Big Top” could also play into it… balancing the high wire, juggling torches, lifting heavy weights, taming wild animals, etc. The focus of the theme is the Show Managers (them)… not so much us, but more about how Skyline enables anyone to become “The Greatest Showmanager.”

Exhibit design and theme could be centered around the theme inspired from the movie with related activities. Aesthetic should follow more vintage bespoke, art deco and/or steampunk influences rather than cheesy standard circus visuals…. as seen in the movie.

Please accommodate for an open-air “photobooth” area with a small green screen background where people can get a photo to be superimposed into a Greatest Showman or Circus theme setting/poster with resulting image displayed on a nearby monitor.

Incorporate 3 flush-mounted 95″ LED TVs and 1 flushmounted 80″ Touchscreen TV:

  1. 95″ : Lopping video content
  2. 95″ : RFID Stations (2)
  3. 80″ : Touchscreen

Giveaways will likely consist of a circus-theme/branded box of animal crackers (as seen below).

Skyline hardware to consider: Large backlit graphics (new envoy backlit system), SkyRise IV. Also please incorporate light movement (gobo lights?) to draw attention.