Engage your audience in new ways so you can build your relationship and increase sales opportunities.

Digital Marketing can enhance any marketing program. It offers alternate ways to engage your audience so you can build your relationship and increase sales opportunities. We have many solutions to fit your project and budget that we can customize to your brand, product and/or audience for use both in exhibits, web sites, email blasts and sales presentations.


Until recently, touchpoint overlays required costly custom coding. Now we can quickly and easily add touchpoints throughout video, images, 360 video or 360 image that can launch content like text, images or videos to promote your products and services in great detail. This is a great solution that can reach your audience as a stand-alone piece and be incorporated in your trade show booth. This interactive format allows your customers to explore selected environments such as your facility, retail location or factory floor. When your trade shows resume, the presentations can easily be used to engage visitors within your booth.

Image/Product Overlays

Event/Location Tours

Interactive Infographics

360˚ Images/Video

Virtual Trade Show Experiences

Simulate the show experience and present your products or services as if you are on the show floor. Set up your exhibit at a local exhibit dealer facility or your own. Shoot a video of a presentation, as if it were at an actual trade show event. Or, shoot a presentation on a greenscreen and we can add the exhibit to the background. We can also add any enhancements such as touchpoints, 3D animation or RFID. Alternatively we can also utilize a static or animated 3D rendering of your exhibit and add either a video of a presenter or simply a voice-over.

Virtual Exhibit Landing Pages

Our proprietary virtual event center allows you to have a private trade show event of your own… online. Integrate a live stream/presentation or playback a previously recorded one. Engage your audience with live chats, contact forms and comments. Display your digital exhibit either in the form of a static image, rendering or photo… or we can take 3D model and animate it to create a looping video fly-around… or we can even create a 3D virtual environment that is completely interactive and able to be viewed with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality…. giving the viewer complete control to experience your virtual exhibit anyway they want to.

A virtual event landing page also allows you to add endless images, videos and text along with other forms of interactive media to engage your audience. These landing pages live on a neutral-ground platform and can be renewed annually and updated periodically. We can also assist with developing an email campaign to drive traffic and attention to your virtual event. Now you can host your own virtual events more than just a few times a year and all for much less expense.

Stand-Alone 3D Interactive

Showcase your exhibit design or product with next-level 3D interactivity. With life-like rendering detail and user-friendly interactivity controls you can provide a unique virtual hands-on experience with your exhibit and/or products. Our team of 3D interactive specialists can take existing 3D models from various formats to create a pinch/swipe/spin/zoom full 360 experience that will dazzle your audience. Yes, dazzle. It’s truly next-level. This experience can be embedded into existing web sites or into our virtual event landing pages and can also be presented full screen. Not to mention you can also experience your exhibit or product through the power of Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR).

Don’t have a 3D model of your exhibit or product? Need creative design assistance? We have a team of highly creative professional and experienced high-level 3D designers and animaters ready and waiting. Take your product marketing to the next level. Don’t worry about lugging a heavy piece of machinery to your next event. We can create a virtual experience that will be as good if not better than the real thing.

3D Animation

Presentation is everything. Wow your audience with creative 3D animation of your exhibit and/or products.


RFID technology presents a unique opportunity to create a lasting impression with your trade show or event audience. In your exhibit an attendee can selectively choose a product to learn more about by selecting a small physical object and placing it onto a marked location on a countertop which will immediately trigger specific content to be loaded onto the TV screen in front of them. Each physical object has a small chip attached to it. Each chip is specifically programmed to launch specific content on a TV screen. That content can be videos, images, text, etc. Put your audience in the driver seat and let them choose what they want to learn more about and they will leave with a lasting impression.