Art Director
Graphic Designer


Bachelor of Fine Arts
Major: Graphic Design

Years of Professional Creative Experience



VIRTEX Marketing


Position: Owner & Creative Director

Following corporate cut-backs and emergency lock-downs during the spring of 2020, myself along with 3 other sub-contractors (previous co-workers) came together to provide alternatives to live events for companies who continued to seek ongoing engage with customers. This included interactive solutions such as Virtual Exhibits, Virtual Environments, 3D modeling, animation, Interactive 3D experiences, Interactive 3D products, 3D Exhibit Design, web design/development (wordpress) and Virtual Facility Tours. My responsibilities included project management, team leadership, design and creative direction on projects as needed, technical IT support and web-based solutions for client projects and internal systems.


Skyline Displays & Skyline 360


Position: “Account & Creative Executive”

In 2012 I joined the Exhibit Design Team as Graphic Designer but soon became a resource to the Marketing Department. After a year of splitting my time between the exhibit design team and the internal marketing department, in 2014 myself and another exhibit designer migrated to the Marketing Department full-time in order to focus on internal marketing along with simultaneously initiating a new “Creative Services Group” that would eventually become “Skyline 360”. Between 2014 and 2016 my time was primarily spent on internal marketing which included a full branding overhaul that I was the lead designer for. In 2016 I found myself reporting directly to the VP of Marketing but spending most of my time on client projects, working on marketing campaigns, ideation, corporate re-branding, web site design/development, touchscreen experiences, video shooting, photography, presentations, and all other forms of creative agency solutions for many different corporate clients in diverse industries. Potential projects were brought to our team through the North American Skyline dealer network. Our team would often meet with the Skyline dealer and their client to make a full capabilities presentation then would discuss the client’s brand, audience and the potential marketing project. We would then return to the client with an initial concept, timeline and cost estimate.

Skyline Retail & Skyline Intl.


Position: Marketing, Exhibit Designer & Retail Solutions Designer 

After an 8 year hiatus I returned to Skyline to offer creative support to 2 new business endeavors. Skyline Retail Environments was focused on retail solutions and the other was focused on International clients and International dealer development. From 2008-2009 I was largely focused on Marketing and Design for Skyline Retail Environments. During this time I designed 3D and graphic solutions mostly for retail client projects. I was also tasked with developing all internal marketing materials including brochures, sell sheets, exhibits, and web sites for the retail department. In late 2009 Skyline withdrew from the retail sector and thus my time shifted away from Skyline Retail Environments and onto Skyline International 100% where I worked directly with a small sales team focused on securing international dealers and distributors for Skyline. From 2010 to 2012 I created all the marketing visuals for Skyline International and several exhibits for international shows. I also designed and developed the web site, 3D assets, lookbooks and catalogs for the dealers.

Simon Delivers


Position: Marketing Designer & Photographer  

In 2006 I was initially hired by Simon Delivers (grocery delivery service) on a freelance basis to photograph grocery products for web site use. Soon after I also began assisting with weekly email campaigns, web site updates and marketing. In 2007 I was hired full-time and continued producing weekly print and digital marketing pieces along with photographing new products and fully prepared meals for the recipe section.

WSA, WPSA & SNO-X Magazine


Position: Marketing Designer, Magazine layout & Photographer  

After working with the World Snowmobile Association (WSA) for several years on a freelance basis, in 2003 they re-organized as The World PowerSports Association (WPSA) and I was then hired full time to be the internal marketing support as well as to be the full time designer and photographer for a new Snocross-focused magazine (SNO-X). During this time I photographed many snocross races across North America and produced graphics for semi trailers, for racing teams, for signage, autograph stock, sponsor packages,  graphic wraps on snowmobiles, annual yearbooks, web sites and I also produced a regular magazine.

Landmark Photography & Design


Position: Graphic Designer & Photographer  

For several years I worked part time for Landmark as their chief creative designer. During this time I created many sell sheets for real estate developers and home developers. Landmark also provided architectural photography which assisted with on many occasions.



Position: Web Site Designer  

During the internet “bubble” of the late 90’s and early 2000’s I was hired away from Skyline to pursue a full-time position designing web sites. We still primarily utilized HTML and CSS with Adobe Dreamweaver being the layout tool of choice. Following the 9/11 tragedy, the company made a series of layoffs which I was included in.

Gilmour Creative


Position: Freelance Graphic Designer & Photographer

Since graduating with a BS in Graphic Design I have been providing freelance creative services and photography. After my department was eliminated at Skyline in 2020, they made Gilmour Creative a “preferred partner” to provide creative services to the North American Dealer Network. During the 2020/2021 pandemic, the tradeshow and live event industry effectively shut down and I focused my time on producing virtual experiences through a new LLC I formed called VIRTEX Marketing.



Art Direction

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Branding & Identity Design

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Marketing/Theme Campaign Development

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Photography/video (studio/location)

Adobe Creative Suite

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